Golden Barra Terms & Conditions

1. These are the terms and conditions of entry and participation (Terms and Conditions) in the Bundaberg Toyota ‘Golden Barra’ Competition (Competition) being conducted by Lake Monduran Holiday Park ABN 42 084 679 881 of Monduran Dam Road, Monduran (LMHP) with and on behalf of the Promotion Partners. The Promotion Partners are the sponsors contributing prizes to the Competition.
2. Entry into and participation in the Competition is deemed to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
3. Once an entry is accepted by LMHP, the nominated entry becomes a participant (Participant) and is bound by these Terms and Conditions.
4. Entries not complying with these Terms and Conditions are ineligible.
5. LMHP reserves absolutely in its sole discretion, the right to disqualify any Participant from the Competition for non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions or otherwise acting against the spirit of the Competition as determined in LMHP’s sole discretion.

Competition Entry – How to Enter
6. Entry to the Competition is free. Participants must meet their own costs of entering in the Competition and the Participant agrees that no claim can be made against LMHP (or its Promotion Partners) for any costs associated with entry or participation in the Competition.
7. Participants must be aged 18 years and over at the time of entrance to the Competition in order to be eligible for a Prize. Participants aged under 18 years of age at the time of entry may be included on a parent or guardian’s entry, but cannot claim a Prize.
8. International residents are eligible to enter the competition.
9. Participants must complete the registration process at the website (Website) to be eligible to participate in the Competition. The registration must be accepted by LMHP in order for a Participant to qualify to win a Prize.
10. Each Participant is entitled to one entry only.
11. Entry into the Competition will be available via the Website between 19 October 2019 from 12.01am to 19 February 2020 midnight inclusive (Competition Entry Period).
12. If required by LMHP, Participants must provide entrant identification to the satisfaction of LMHP.
13. Registered charter operators and casual charter operators are ineligible to apply for entry to the Competition and are ineligible Participants.
14. Employees and families of LMHP and witnesses of Prize Fish release locations are ineligible to apply for entry to the Competition and are ineligible Participants.
15. . Prior to participating in the Competition, the Participant must:
a. Obtain a valid Stock Impoundment Permit from Queensland Fisheries; and
b. collect their registration card (which will include any family member registrations under the age of 18) from LMHP office/kiosk prior to fishing in the competition.

The Competition
16. Participants must comply with all legislation and regulations applicable to the Competition and as amended throughout the Competition Period.
17. Participants must comply with all rules and regulations for fishing and camping at Lake Monduran as set out by relevant authorities and lessees including but not limited to Bundaberg Regional Council, SunWater and Lake Monduran Holiday Park. Any breach of these rules will result in disqualification. Further, any disorderly, offensive, threatening or violent behaviour will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes.
18. The Competition starts at midnight on the 19th October 2019 and finishes on the 19th February 2020, 4 months (Competition Period).
19. No Prizes will be awarded to a Registered Participant in circumstances where that participant catches or presents a Barramundi with a Prize tag outside of the competition period.
20. Line fishing is the only accepted fishing technique that may be used by Participants to catch a Prize Fish. However, a Participant may also use a landing net in combination with line fishing.
21. Other capturing or fishing methods are not permitted and will result in disqualification.
22. LMHP may at its sole discretion undertake an investigation into the fishing technique used to catch a Prize Fish and where it determines a Prize Fish was caught other than by line fishing, disqualify the Participant.
23. Participants must not enter or fish within the buoy line located approximately 200 metres from the dam wall. All anglers must fish upstream of this buoy line.
24. The prized Barra are tagged with a professionally placed tag by LHMP. The tag is yellow and will include a numeric code, capable of identification by LHMP.
25. To be eligible for a Prize, a Participant must catch a Prize Fish, remove and present a Prize Fish Tag for Prize validation to LMHP and complete the Prize Claim Verification Process set out herein within the Competition Period.
26. The prizes available (Prizes):

Major prize Golden Barra–
Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra – One Dual Cab Toyota GXL V8 Landcruiser with extras and a Bundaberg Marineland/Seajay Boat Motor and Trailer package with extras to the value of $150 000,00

Last year’s Golden Barra
* Shimano Fishing Australia $5000 worth of fishing equipment

Last year’s Platinum Barra
*Tackleworld Bundaberg $5000 worth of fishing equipment

Category Two Prize to the value of $5000-
* Wilson Fishing Australia $5000 worth of fishing equipment;
* Jackall Australia $5000 worth of Jackall fishing equipment;
* Sunstate Hobie Kayaks value of$5000; or
* Master Cabinets Bundaberg $5000 cash.

Category Three Prize to the value of $3000
* EJ Todd/Luckycraft Lures $3000 worth of fishing equipment; or
* Lake Monduran Holiday Park $3000 cash.

Category Four Prize to the Value of $1000
*Takalvans Bundaberg Camec 50 ltr Fridge

Rapala Monthly Guaranteed prize pack – at the end of each month a $1500 prize pack will be given away by Rapala Australia to the angler that catches the biggest Barra (untagged) for the month caught on a Rapala lure.

27. Prizes are not transferrable, are approximate values only and are awarded as is. LMHP reserves the right to substitute any Prize for another Prize of similar value. Prizes list are subject to availability from the prize providers.

Prize Claim Verification
28. When a Participant, catches a Prize Fish, the Participant must proceed with the prize claim verification process (Prize Claim Verification) to qualify for the relevant Prize.
29. The Prize Claim Verification is set out in this clause. Accordingly, the Participant must:
a. Not remove the Prize Fish tag until all photographs are taken as set out in this clause and the photographs have been verified as readable by LMHP. If the Prize Fish tag is covered in algae, please remove the algae before proceeding with photographs.
b. Take three photographs of the Prize Fish and the Prize Fish tag in a manner compliant with the sample photographs on the Website. There are three key photographs required:
i. One photograph of the Prize Fish on a ‘brag mat’ or alongside a tape measure or a ruler to clearly display the length of the Prize Fish and clearly identifying the Prize Fish tag with the angler’s registration card on the Prize Fish.
ii. One photograph, close up, of the Prize Fish tag with the angler’s registration card visible.
iii. One photograph of the Participant holding the Prize Fish showing the location/landscape in which the Prize Fish was caught.
c. To claim the additional “Monthly Rapala prize package” the angler must catch the largest Barra for the month on a Rapala lure and provide a photo of the lure in the mouth of the prized Barra in which it was caught. There are a total of four Monthly Rapala Prize Packages for the Competition Period. Two photos are required to be provided for this prize as follows:
i. One photo of the angler holding the Barra with the Lake Monduran backdrop/landscape in the background.
ii. One photo of the whole Barra on a Brag mat or sufficient measuring device, with the Rapala lure in which it was caught and the angler’s registration card on the Barra.
d. Send or upload the photographs of the Barra to for verification by LMHP.
e. Following the photos being taken, the Participant must remove the tag from the fish and present it to LMHP representatives who will undertake verification using cross referencing of measurements, tag registration information and any other method LMHP deems applicable.
30. The Participant acknowledges that all determinations made by LMHP regarding the Prize Claim Verification and awarding of Prizes are made in LMHP’s sole discretion and are binding on the Participant. Any evidence of tampering or manipulation or destruction of the Prize Fish tag will automatically disqualify any Participant from receiving the relevant Prize and from the Competition.
31. If LMHP is satisfied that the Prize Fish has been caught in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Participant will be declared a Prize winner and will receive the relevant Prize.
32. Any Participant that is awarded a prize agrees to a video interview and photos with the relevant Promotion Partners and LMHP.
33. Details of Prizes won and Prize winners will be published on the Website. LMHP will attempt to publish details of Prizes won and Prize Fish caught as soon as possible after the Prize Claim Verification process, however cannot guarantee that the details on the Website will be accurate at any given time.
34. If a Prize remains unclaimed within 21 days of publication of the Prize winner on the Website, LMHP may treat the Prize as abandoned and retain the Prize.
35. LMHP cannot guarantee when a fish will be caught or whether any or all of the fish have been caught as to any Prizes claimed or awarded at any given time during the Competition Entry Period or Competition Period. Further LMHP cannot guarantee that any Prize Fish is alive or otherwise within the Lake at any given time after placement.

Publicity and Privacy
36. A Prize winner agrees, at LMHP’s request, to participate in all promotional activity (such as publicity and photography) surrounding this competition or the winning of any Prize, free of charge, and consents to LMHP, its nominees and Promotion Partners using the Prize winner’s name and image in promotional material.
37. All Participant’s agree to being broadcast, filmed, photographed, interviewed or otherwise recorded without compensation while participating in this Competition, or in taking or using any Prize, and consent to LMHP’s repeating any such broadcast, film or other recording at any time worldwide and in perpetuity.
38. Each Participant agrees to LMHP collecting personal information about the Participant including (but not limited to) the following:
a. Full name;
b. City, Country of Residence;
c. Age;
d. Email address;
e. Telephone number;
f. Market research.
39. The Participant acknowledges that personal information will be collected to manage and administer the Competition, to communicate with Participants (including by email), comply with legal and regulatory obligations and for marketing and ancillary purposes outlined herein.
40. LMHP is authorised by the Participant to disclose personal information to the Promotion Partners and nominees for the purposes of carrying out marketing, planning, product development and direct mail and promotional campaigns.

Indemnity and Insurance
41. Participants acknowledge that there may be inherent risks in participating in the Competition and that participation may involve potentially dangerous activities and risk to property, personal safety or death. Participants accept all risks in participating in the Competition and will not hold LMHP, its nominees (including Promotion Partners, competition partners and/or sponsors), liable for any damage to property, personal injury or death howsoever incurred in connection with the Competition. Further, the Participant acknowledges that LMHP:
a. accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible, corrupted or misdirected entries, claims or correspondence whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission interruption, communications failure or otherwise.
b. has no control over communication networks or services, the Internet, or computer or telephone networks or lines and accepts no responsibility for any problems associated with them, whether due to traffic congestion, technical malfunction or otherwise; and
c. is not liable for any consequences of defects or errors including in connection with the Competition’s automated entry process, defect in any connectivity to the Website or any device or software.
42. The Participant states and agrees that they have all appropriate insurances.

43. LMHP may vary these Terms and Conditions without notice to Participants by publication on the Website of the amended Terms and Conditions.
44. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions, LMHP has sole discretion to make any decisions regarding the application of these Terms and Conditions, how and when they are enforced and any departures from these Terms and Conditions.
45. LMHP may cancel the Competition in the event of natural disaster, significant fish loss or for any other reason.
46. These Terms and Conditions and the Competition are governed by the laws of Queensland.