How do I register for the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Competition?
Entry into the Competition will be available via the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra website.
Who can enter the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Competition?
Entry into the competition is open to any person who meets the requirements of the Bundaberg Toyota Golden BarraEntrants must be aged 18 years or older to be eligible to participate in the Competition. Where a person under the age of 18 years wishes to participate they are required to be named under the parent or guardian’s registration.


What prizes are up for grabs?

Major Prize:
Golden is Bundaberg Toyota Landcruiser & Bundaberg Marinelane Seajay Boat package ($150,000)

Gold Barra $5000 Shimano fishing gear pack

White Barra $5000 Tackleworld Bundaberg Fishing Gear pack

Silver Barra x 7 prizes

  • $5000 Wilson Fishing gear pack
  • $5000 Jackall Fishing gear pack
  • $5000 Sunstate Hobie Kayaks
  • $5000 cash Master Cabinets
  • $3000 EJ Todd/Luckycraft fishing gear pack
  • $3000 cash Lake Monduran Holiday Park
  • $1000 Camex 50L Fridge Takalvans Bundaberg
How many Tagged fish are there this season?
There will be 5 Tagged fish active during this season.

– 3 x silver barramundi.
– 1 x white barramundi.
– 1x golden barramundi.

All Tagged fish caught should be reported to Lake Monduran Holiday Park.

Does it cost to enter the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Competition?
Entry into the competition is free. Entrants must bear their own costs to participate in the competition.
When does the competition period begin?

The Competition will commence from midnight 19 October 2019 and conclude at 11:59pm on 19 February 2020

Where have the winning fish been Tagged and released?
All prize barramundi will have been Tagged and released at multiple locations across Lake Monduran.


How Do I Catch A Tagged Barramundi?
Line fishing is the only accepted fishing technique that may be used by Entrants to catch a barramundi with a Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Fish Tag. For more information see the competition terms and conditions.


What do I do if I catch a Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Tagged Barramundi?
Entrants must have completed a valid registration via the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra website and comply with the Terms and Conditions before presenting any Claim for a Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Tagged Fish Prize.

The Prize Claim Verification process is as follows:

  1. Entrants must take 3 clear photos of the Tagged barramundi
    • One photograph of the Prize Fish on a ‘brag mat’ or alongside a tape measure or a ruler to clearly display the length of the Prize Fish and clearly identifying the Prize Fish tag.
    • One photograph, close up, of the Prize Fish tag.
    • One photograph of the Participant holding the Prize Fish showing the location in which the Prize Fish was caught.
  2. The Entrant must not remove the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Tag until all photographs are taken and the photographs have been verified as readable by Lake Monduran Holiday Park. If the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Tag is covered in algae, please remove the algae taking photographs.
  3. The Entrant must not clean, gut or scale the fish prior to taking the photographs and must leave the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Tag in place when taking the photographs.
  4. The Entrant visit the Lake Monduran Holiday Park office or call 07 4157 3881 and quote the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra Tag number.
  5. The Entrant must send the photographs of the fish to info@lakem.com.au.
  6. Once the fish has been verified, the Entrant may remove the fish Tag and release the fish back into the Lake. The Entrant must then retain the Tag for final verification.
    • The Entrant is responsible for delivery of the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra tag for final verification to Lake Monduran Holiday Park office, Monduran Dam Road, Monduran QLD 4671

The full Competition Rule and Prize Claim Verification process are detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

How do I safely remove the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra tag from the fish?
Tags are likely to be covered in algae, the process to remove the Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra tag is as follows:

  1. Remove algae, weed or any objects covering the Tag. This can be done by scraping a fingernail along the tag or wiping with a towel.
  2. Once checked that it is a Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra tag, it can then be removed from the fish by firmly pulling the Tag. In some cases, a little more effort may be required to remove the Tag.
When do I receive prize money if I catch a winning fish?
A Lake Monduran Holiday Park representative will inform you about the process for collecting prize money once the verification process is complete.
What if I catch Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra tagged barramundi outside the competition dates?
Only Barramundi caught during the competition period from midnight 1 November 2018 and concluding at 11:59pm on 31 January 2019 are eligible. If no prize fish are caught within the competition timeframe, prizes may be carried over to a new season of the competition at the discretion of prize sponsors.
How do I release a fish to ensure it has the best chance of survival?
When releasing fish please observe the following best practice methods:

  • Minimise handling time out of the water (leave the fish in the water in the landing net until you are ready for a photo or in a holding tank with water from Lake Monduran).
  • When holding a fish support its weight horizontally with both hands (don’t hold a fish vertically by its mouth or gills)
  • Don’t lay a fish on a hot surface or allow it to thrash around on a boat’s deck.
  • If possible release fish into cover along the bank or in snags to provide protection while they recover.

More tips for catching and releasing fish:

  • Minimise capture time; use only tackle that is appropriate for the size and species of fish being targeted.
  • Use fish-friendly knotless landing nets to minimise injuries such as skin abrasions, fin damage and protective slime loss.
  • When bait fishing, use large non-offset circle hooks (minimum 5/0) to reduce the capture of smaller fish and deeply hooked fish
  • When a fish is deeply hooked cut the line close to the mouth and leave the hook in place.
  • The use of barbless hooks helps when releasing fish and reduces the damage caused.
How long does a barramundi have to be to be legal?
58cm minimum overall length. In a Stocked Impoundment like Lake Moduran there is a vessel limit of 1 fish per person over 58cm.
Are there any areas where I’m not allowed to catch barramundi?
Entrants are not allowed to fish past the buoy line approximately 200m upstream from the dam wall.
If I find a Tag am I guaranteed to win?
No. Lake Monduran also has a number of tagged fish that are released to replenish the barramundi population each year.

Each Tag will have an individual Tag number on it and a phone number to call. If you catch a Tagged barramundi please record the Tag number, location and date it was caught, the total length of the fish and whether it was kept or released.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please visit the contact page to contact a Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra representative.

All entrants must ensure they adhere to legal fishing practises and local signage.

Do I need a permit to fish in Lake Monduran?
To fish in Lake Monduran participants are required by the QLD Department of Fisheries to hold a current Stock Impoundment Permit (SIP). For more information visit https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/activities/boating-fishing/rec-fishing/dams